Whats so special about vitamin D anyway? This poor little guy is often overshadowed in the fitness world by bigger players that line the shelves at most nutrition stores.  But maybe its time to get back to the basics.  Believe it or not, vitamin D may play a bigger role in building muscle tissue and overall health than most people think.  For those of us who pay enough attention to our workout routines, diets, and lifestyle habits…a closer look at vitamin D can help shed some light on why it may be worth supplementing.


What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin found naturally in foods and synthesized by our bodies when exposed to natural sunlight.  And who doesn’t like a little tan sesh every now and then? Right?

Vitamin D for the Athlete

Vitamin D plays many vital roles in the body and recent research has shown that many people are simply not getting enough.  Vitamin D has been shown to:

  • Regulate neuromuscular functions
  • Prevent certain autoimmune diseases
  • Promote leaner muscle growth
  • Increase bone density
  • Promote calcium absorption within the body

Current USDA guidelines suggest the following doses:

Age 0-1: 400 to 1,000IU daily

Age 1-18: 600-1,000IU daily

All adults over 18: 1,500-2,000IU daily

How can I get more vitamin D?

Keep that head up! Vitamin D deficiency is an easy fix! It’s found in fortified milk, naturally in tuna and salmon, chicken, eggs, mushrooms, and nuts.

Food-with-Vitamin-DTry incorporating more of these foods into your everyday diets as well as spending some more time out in that good old sunshine!  Questions or comments? Shoot me an email at matt@goodguy.fitness I’d love to hear from you!