As I sit here cleaning out my gym bag I am slowly beginning to realize the importance of consolidation.  It seems that over time that gym towel and twenty-three sample packets of protein and pre-workout have managed to crust themselves into a chocolate fruit punch treat that makes me want to burn the entire thing and start from scratch.  So in an attempt to prevent you from making a similar mistake and inadvertantely spawning a new creature in that left over shaker bottle you forgot to rinse out, here is my top three must have gym accessories that will keep you efficient and on track in the gym.

Shaker Bottle

We all know how important it is for gym goers to pump themselves full of the latest and greatest whey protein isolate on the market, and if you’re like me you’ve tried funneling up a piece of paper into that bottle of Dasani only to spill half your protein out on the floor; which, to a lifter, is equivalent to a small part of you dying on the inside.  600ml-Shaker-Bottle-With-Blend-Ball-Blender-Bottle-Water-Bottle-SB-022-This is why a shaker bottle is such a great accessory to have.  Wide open top to allow for easy use AND cleaning.  Don’t forget the cleaning part either because two day old protein isn’t exactly a Yankee candle air freshener.

Lifting straps

No matter whether or not you’re a pro bodybuilder or just a beginner, a good pair of lifting straps is going to help you perform grip intensive lifts better.  Any lat pull-down, row, or deadlift is going to require grip strength.  DSC_0406As you push yourself more and get higher in resistance you don’t want your grip giving out to be a factor as to why you can’t continue a lift.


I’m all for friendliness in the gym but sometimes you just need to get in and do work.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to offer up a spot or stop for a quick hello, but then it’s back to work.  Don’t be that one guy who’s “workout” consists of making rounds from the squat rack to the ellipticals looking for someone to swap recipes with and share your latest cat video.

Now I realize there are countless things you could bring with you to the gym, but the above are items I use every single day.  Got any other “must have” gym accessories? Shoot me an email at I’d love to read your comments!