Still looking for that magical trick to the six pack abs you’ve always wanted?

…yea so am I…

The good and bad thing is that one trick doesn’t exist. Bad in the sense that there is no true shortcut to attaining a chiseled midsection. Good because it gives us something to strive for. There is no substitute for hard work, consistency, and a solid diet; but there are some effective exercises that may help you make more efficient use of your time when it comes to cutting up that core.

One of my favorite abdominal exercises is the common abdominal plank. While it may seem basic, it engages the use of many ancillary muscle groups that will help promote better overall body composition.

I want to talk about a few variations to the abdominal plank that may help you mix it up in the gym, or simply increase the difficulty level.


Plank Jacks

  • Start in the plank position with your feet together, keep your body stable while engaging your core.
  • Start to perform jumping jacks with your legs while maintaining a tight core and upper body.

Two Point Plank

  • Begin in the standard plank position
  • While keeping your body stable and core engaged, raise one leg straight out behind you.
  • Maintain a tight body position and raise the opposite arm forward as if pointing to something.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds followed by switching positions to perform the variation with both hands forward.

Side Plank

  • While on your side rest your feet one on top of the other.
  • Prop yourself up on one elbow while engaging your core to stabilize your body.
  • The key to this variation is to make sure you don’t allow your shoulder to compact. Prevent this by consciously attempting to raise your upper body as high as you can towards the ceiling.side-plank 3.13
    Try switching up your ab routine to incorporate some of these plank variations! Questions or comments? Give me a shout at I would love to hear from you!